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  1. Me to I’m not far away ! It even has the army and navy flyover and roundabout in place
  2. Yes I have had so usefull help on this thread thank you all .
  3. hi can anyone tell me if its possible to setup a laptop as a second monitor for ets2 pls ? and if it is possible how hard/easy is it to do ? reguards dicky .
  4. Smashing stuff thanks chaps n keep up the great work !!
  5. Wow looks real sweet ! Thats going strait on my steam wish list .
  6. Thanks fella will do . Did not want to take the scale thread of course B)

    1. Daniellus


      No problem mate :)

  7. Nice ! I realy hope this dlc will light up some enthusiasm for ats mp
  8. Stunning work by the devs !! Such a fast update for something I was thinking would take weeks maybe a month or so even . Well done lads and lasses keep up the good work . i salute and thank you for you're ever endless efforts
  9. Looks fantastic !! Be intresting to see how easy or hard it is to work with rear steering on the trailers ? Cant wait
  10. Less rubber on the road less rolling resistances+ less fuel+ happy vtc boss !
  11. Well done all them that work hard to get this update out and ready to run ! Thanks from one of you're million plus mp players
  12. Looks good !! price dependent I'll get it i see some people say it's like £20 !! Bit steep if it is .
  13. Smashing thank you
  14. Hi all how do I turn on the spot lights on the bar on top of the cab ? For the life of me I can't find the button or option in button settings . thanks for any help
  15. Looks good ! What price would you guess this dlc at ? And i only been a mp member since after the east and Scandinavia dlc's were avalible . So I have a question how long till mp includes a big dlc like this and do the mp owners get advance access to dlc to help prepare? Cheers dicky .
  16. Arrr iv got what ya mean now mate lol sorry my bad
  17. I believe in you're friends list on steam click on there name and just to the right of the name is a small arrow click on that and you get a join game option or a watch option . ( they have to allow you to watch but it will flag up in game for them to see you're request)
  18. I think you can do that via steam ? If you know they are playing you can request spectate
  19. Iv been useing the tandom mod in sp and after a bit of practice it's easy to do jobs with no damage even with ai traffic!! But I do agree if it was put into mp we would have carnage on the roads .
  20. Had this problem myself and was stumped. Turned out I had some old tracking software left on the PC I had not fully uninstalled. Don't know if that help
  21. you sir are a star thank you very much
  22. ok thank you i will do . thanks for a stunningly fast reply. ok i found this but how do i use this ? sorry for the simple questions.
  23. hi all can anyone help me ? iv recently taken out the tandem mod in sp and when i started the game i had to go back to a old save . i made a mistake and went back along way . now instead of being at level 47 with many garages drivers and over a million credits im back to level 9 and poor ! ........very poor is there anything i can do to get back to a later save ? thanks for any help from a very novice pc gamer .
  24. If it helps my ping is still the same (mid30s/40s) iv not noticed any jumps in ping .but that said I have had more random mp crashes .
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