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  1. I’m 45 and this sim is just the best to unwind to and chill out after work is done and the kids are in bed
  2. It’s not like scs have pumped out map dlc,s every other month just to grab your cash mate ! This game has been evolving over many years with map dlc,s slowly being released over a long period. And I’d lay of promods it has nothing to do with them . There are many other games that openly use it fans as cash cows this cannot be said for scs .
  3. I’ll dm you tomorrow mate
  4. May be up for that . what time uk time and what city meet point ?
  5. It will make the game so much better mate .id never go back to a pad .take you’re time setting it up just how you like it . And it will add so much to the game experience.
  6. Me to I’m not far away ! It even has the army and navy flyover and roundabout in place
  7. Give it about a hour and you can try it out !
  8. When road to the Black Sea drops . will promods need a new update ? (From a promods noob ) thanks
  9. I think the troll problem is way better handled now than it was a few years ago . I think it’s a combination of trying out new types of server and how administration is now done . You will never eliminate all trolls .
  10. It’s great to see this it’s something that’s very close to me. Can you tell me if I bought the dlc some money goes to the charity . But if I don’t buy the dlc And just do the delivery of loads to complete the rewards will anything get donated to this wonderful charity? Thank you for replying.
  11. The 2500 slot promod server is (as they said in the livestream) just to see how things go they may add more slots in time .
  12. Fernando i have the greatest respect for your opinion on most things in this forum . You post wisdom when others rant and argue. But it is my opinion that in this case the new promod server will be full purely on the fact that the maps offer so much more than the vanilla maps . Given the size and road mileage and new tows that promods offer you could have 5000 slots and still see no one else for hours on end .
  13. tattytate

    TMP Promods

    2500 slots ! Once people see the depth of promods they will need three times that many slots . This is fantastic news for promods and tmp well done to all involved.
  14. Tatty= the teddy bear my wife has had from birth. Tate= my surname I’m also late 40s
  15. I’m in the uk but have left hand wheel .its better for the majority of the map .
  16. I’d love to use manual but I’ve never managed to get the game to find the cluch
  17. I vote this chap be given the keys to the tmp control room !
  18. Brother we are so on the same page on that one
  19. Well I always like to see new roads to experience. But my hunger for more map grows faster than the scs can keep up with ! Lol I will get it on the day of release still .
  20. Mr Poland . This is a (free mod multiplayer version ) of a simulator game . and as a result of the multiplayer dimension has to accommodate so much more. We have gamers from a very young age to a much more mature nature. So the mod as it is designed can only ever be a half way point in being a sim . It sounds to me that what you want is a hard core sim with every design of motorised transport. As much as a game like that would be great this is not what most members of truckers mp want . Id like to think that when we all got the game and then took the time to find and download the mp mod we knew what the idea was behind it all . Kind regards dicky .
  21. tattytate

    ATS Bot?

    I think rolling out bot’s on one server on ats and ets would be a smart move to do just as infinity trucking launches its servers . That would keep people interested in truckers mp .
  22. Let’s hope so. It’s been a long wait !! But I thank scs for the new roads and German rework .
  23. Had a cracking drive around the new island some nice roads . Still no t range unless this will be dropped in at the last minute before before official release ?
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