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  1. Will the addition of ai on scs servers bring the possibility of ai on one of the tmp servers ? will it give the tmp developers the tools it need to make it possible.
  2. I think it’s just a blip . The base game was on sale the other weekend so give it a few weeks and the bans and loss of interest will weed out the trolls and it will settle down again (hopefully)
  3. It may well look old and ugly now . But in 1990/91 when it went on sale it was a very striking tractor unit /first flat floor/huge space inside/and one of the quietest interiors of its day . Fun fact the designer (Marcello Gandini) also designed,Lamborghini Diablo ,Lamborghini Countach, Bugatti EB 110, and many many more stunning cars . All that said I’d still rather try and pull a trailer by hand than use the magnum. I guess old marcello just had a bad day in the office!
  4. I have level 314 and have covered 78% of the map with all dlc
  5. A thread like this comes up time and time again ! It won’t change anything and that’s a good thing . Chill out kick back and enjoy the drive like it’s Supposed to be . The rules were changed,done,decided,no going back .
  6. As far as I know it’s not in the planning
  7. No the rain is set by the individual gamer in settings. It’s not synced by mp
  8. If I get a apology from a player who crashed into me 99 times out of a 100 I let it go .accident happen! But if it’s obvious i tell them I’m recording and reporting. That said if I’m on cd road ( which is rare) I don’t bother .IMO any report on cd road should be void . We all know it’s trouble and other way around that part of the map are available. It would also free up moderators for the rest of the map !
  9. This has to be a server issue right? I have been having the same problem over the last few weeks . Before that no problem . It started after a update but can’t recall what update it’s was .
  10. I have 93.20 of map covered . The only way to get it all is to free roam the map and fast travel to cities that are closer to the point of map you wish to drive over . Btbh with new dlc about to drop is it worth it (if you intend to get dlc)
  11. Yes I agree! But it will only work if people play by the rules. A lot of players run red lights . But good idear
  12. Looking forward to this one ! And each dlc gets a little more promods like that can’t be a bad thing
  13. Maybe it’s down to hardware? Promods take more to run smoothly I think
  14. One thing the sim element is missing is the ability to raise and lower the air suspension on the unit and trailer . Be a nice touch to those of us who like the full on sim side of ets .
  15. In an ideal world if everyone drove to the law of the road I’d say bring on all sorts of traffic . After all in sp you see and deal with all sorts of vehicles. Only difference is In mp it’s the driver making the difference . I suspected community numbers would go up and a majority would still rather drive the trucks .
  16. “Before you criticize someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes. That way when you criticize them, you are a mile away from them and you have their shoes.”
  17. Give me the old old daf ati 3600 I’d be a happy bunny
  18. I can’t say I noticed much difference . Maybe my settings? How much better % wise do you chaps think it is ?
  19. The best way to enjoy mp is to be proactive and always expect the unexpected! If you stay away from the dc road and find a good vtc to join the game will be much more enjoyable and on the hole free from trouble . welcome to mp I hope you enjoy your career online
  20. Am I right in thinking that mp don’t support beta version? If that’s so the sp vr is always a beta version when I update it (I think )
  21. No won’t get vr support for mp sadly.but ets2 is one of the best games for vr it’s scale in cab is spot on and you can stand up and walk around the cab !
  22. Me to I’m not far away ! It even has the army and navy flyover and roundabout in place
  23. Yes I have had so usefull help on this thread thank you all .
  24. hi can anyone tell me if its possible to setup a laptop as a second monitor for ets2 pls ? and if it is possible how hard/easy is it to do ? reguards dicky .
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