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  1. 1.33 I recon is gonna be a big positive change for the game mainly starting with the truck physics as being a player who uses a steering wheel (Logitech G27) the physics are important to make the game seem realistic and much more enjoyable. The rain overhaul is something I have been wanting to see for years it may be a small detail, but not seeing the rain slide of the windscreen when it is wiped has always been something that has slightly annoyed me. The addition of the rest of the trailers being buy able has been something I wanted a lot since I saw how limited the trailer selection was from 1.32. The rest of the small features are also going to be great additions to the game. Can't wait for SCS to release this update.


    P.S. Gonna be buying the Baltic Sea DLC the first minute it releases

  2. +1 I think this would work really well because after they fixed rocky mountain doubles from crashing everyone, my friend made a roadtrain out of 3 53 foot RMD trailers and nothing crashed and this would make the game much more fun as well as it tests your skill and even to just trial it with a smaller server would be great and if it is popular then increase the server size from there.

    (Also I'm from Australia and trust me we see roadtrain that are sometimes 6 trailers long)

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