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  1. When was the Kenworth trailer added?
  2. Actually fun fact, the new doubles that got added in 1.35 work inside the restricted zone currently like the double (not HCT) logging trailer, container trailer, etc.
  3. I wanna take my triples down C-D as well, that'll be fun
  4. I like the idea, it's simple and easy
  5. Thanks, still can't wait for this and I'm a very patient person so no worries
  6. Also another handy tip to reduce sliding is to change the tires on your truck for something that has an A rating for wet weather, it should give you a bit of a handling improvement and if you have the Michelin DLC then you've got a good selection there
  7. My plans are just to game and sleep as well as using my new Christmas present a lot cough RTX 2080 Ti cough
  8. I’d say that this sounds like a great idea. It definitely will not eliminate 100% of the trolls but will at least reduce the amount of them and also will make it harder for them as trucks don’t accelerate nor turn like those cars so it’s a +1 from me
  9. Haha, it's okay, guess you tried to put them in the normal shared folder
  10. Hmm did you make the correct folder and put the files in with the correct names? Because you can't put in the "shared>fonts" it has to be in "shared_mod>fonts" that's probably why it's doing it all the time is because your replacing the existing fonts
  11. @xTH3xMoDsZx Did you name the files correctly, make sure they're .ttf versions and also I don't know if you need to, but have you installed the font's by double clicking them and clicking install?
  12. That's the game crashing not the launcher crashing though, would you still be able to upload your crash.log to a website such as pastebin please? It'll allow us to help you somewhat
  13. Sorry this is the English section of the TruckersMP forums, if you want to chat here please use English otherwise use the international forums here: https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/forum/32-russian-discussion/ Извините, это английский раздел форумов TruckersMP, если вы хотите пообщаться здесь, используйте английский, в противном случае используйте международные форумы здесь: https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/forum/32-russian-discussion/
  14. You need to opt out of all betas which will give you version 1.33.2
  15. This was the fastest update ever, thanks TruckersMP team
  16. Well I'm bored so here's my setup: \ And you can't forget the consoles:
  17. You've always been able to do this even before the current launcher, though it is a different method with launcher and also as far as I'm aware .ttf and .otf files are able to be used
  18. I also discovered that if you make a folder called shared_mod > fonts then the font will apply for much ETS2MP and ATSMP
  19. I was planning to camp out on the buy page, but it releases at 4am for me and I'm working in the morning So looks like I'm gonna be late to the party
  20. This is the English only section if you want to make a post in another language please head over to the international community section: https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/forum/185-international-community/
  21. Game: Launcher Mod Version: Controllers Used: Keyboard Description of Issue: When trying to launch the game I get stuck on the launcher with it constantly wanting to re-download the update How to reproduce: Open the TruckersMP launcher and try to install the update Screenshots / Videos: Edit: I reopened the launcher a couple of times and the issue is still occurring though if I keep on left clicking where the launcher button is for ETS2MP it will eventually let me in
  22. I'm not much of a coder myself though I know some coding: A little bit of Python And A little bit of HTML
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