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  1. I’d say that this sounds like a great idea. It definitely will not eliminate 100% of the trolls but will at least reduce the amount of them and also will make it harder for them as trucks don’t accelerate nor turn like those cars so it’s a +1 from me

  2. Sorry this is the English section of the TruckersMP forums, if you want to chat here please use English otherwise use the international forums here: https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/forum/32-russian-discussion/

    Извините, это английский раздел форумов TruckersMP, если вы хотите пообщаться здесь, используйте английский, в противном случае используйте международные форумы здесь: https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/forum/32-russian-discussion/

  3. Game: Launcher

    Mod Version:
    Controllers Used: Keyboard
    Description of Issue: When trying to launch the game I get stuck on the launcher with it constantly wanting to re-download the update
    How to reproduce: Open the TruckersMP launcher and try to install the update
    Screenshots / Videos: 

    Edit: I reopened the launcher a couple of times and the issue is still occurring though if I keep on left clicking where the launcher button is for ETS2MP it will eventually let me in

  4. Well last year with the Italy DLC they released the update before Italy came out and put out a huge disclaimer saying that if your travelling out in the new DLC area there aren’t many no collisions zones and warned people that they could run into problems. And yes I had many accidents in one of the delivery places in Rome as no one understood the no collisions zone hadn’t been added yet 

  5. 3 hours ago, [23]ThunderSky said:

    Just put 130km/h for cars and 90km/h for trucks.. is this that hard? <_<

    This is supposed to be a simulator? If so, use it as a simulator.

    If you want those kinds of speedlimits Europe 1 has those kinds of limits in place as it is the simulation server

  6. Buying a truck is very user specific though I've only used Scania's and Volvo's due to their powerful engines and nice interiors. The Volvo's interior is decent though I prefer the Scania since you can have the nice hand stitched interior as well as it having the Mighty Griffin Tuning which applies inside and outside. Also DAF has their own tuning DLC though I haven't checked it out, if you are greatly into the asthetics of trucks DAF is also a good idea. Though I highly recommend that to everyone DO NOT BUY RENAULT THEY HAVE THE SMALLEST ENGINES IN THE GAME, sorry just had to rant ^_^

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