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  1. I believe this would be a very good idea to implement to have the options for people who are visually impaired, to widen the community, and incorporate people regardless of how good, or bad their eyesight it, even the ones who are not visually impaired would benefit from these added functions +1
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    I did @Beefy32659_YT I used this site http://truckersmp.com/en_US/download
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    Hi Guys I have downloaded the mod for multiplayer (ATS) and tried to run it. When I tried to run it, it worked, it said I needed I needed to downgrade, so I downgraded...it stopped working completely, So I tried to launch it through Steam, and my account came up saying "Incompatable file" so I had to use an autosave. Is there a way to get the mod to work?
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