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  1. Brilliant thanks very much for the help ! @LordBenji
  2. ok thanks @LordBenji . do i need to have a 5 series scania and the exact same lightbar like the screenshot !? http://imgur.com/a/QReEP
  3. @LordBenji managed to get somewhere with the above code but 2 spotlights are missing ! https://prnt.sc/gaqjjm
  4. thanks managed to fix it @LordBenji . http://prntscr.com/gaq62j still no luck
  5. just sorted the numbers inside the square brackets into order and it still wont load in @LordBenji
  6. does the numbers inside the brackets have to be in order yeah !? @LordBenji
  7. think its ready to test !? @LordBenji https://prnt.sc/ga0h04 https://prnt.sc/ga0hca
  8. @LordBenji any idea how to get this to work this is what im wanting = http://imgur.com/a/QReEP current code = https://prnt.sc/g7xwzr in game = http://imgur.com/a/G9BBZ
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