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  1. Akshzyy

    can not play mp :/

    hi i ve been playing this games ages in online yesterday we had to downgrade everything but after that the problem became annoying i couldnt start up the game its says inject.dll stuff like that and it said do you wanna downgrade i ve been reinstalling the mod and the orginal game for like years can you guys fix it . i can play single but not mp
  2. Akshzyy

    ATS version: - Crash

    im gettin the same crash cant play MP but i can play single
  3. Akshzyy

    Problem can't play ATS MP

    Hi guys today when the update came out there was a downgrade *thing* i did that after that i ve been playing like 2 hours and after that there came new update no clue which one after that update i was trying to play online couldnt play online there was some fatal error and then it said ats mp has a new update download it i downloaded still cant join it says inject.dll stuff here proof pic.