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  1. Suggestion Name: Autokick system Suggestion Description: Kick players from server, who changed "cargo_mass" in game.sii to negative value Any example images: Not required Why should it be added?: This parameter is responsible for the weight of your trailer. Many players started giving him negative numbers to increase their speed and acceleration. In the normal state parameter takes values 0 or more, so I suggest kick from server those who set a negative value for this parameter I want to play a simulator, not a racing game
  2. Поставить управление мышью: Настройки - настройка устройств - клавиатура + мышь (управление рулём и газ / тормоз)
  3. С Днём Рождения ^_^ 

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      [Интегра] R0_oT

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  4. Не учитываются, но в истории остаются.
  5. Block custom engines, chassis and cab is good, but why blocking interior and sound? These are visual mods and only you can see/hear them. Before this update, I used custom sound and interior with different accessories (From DAF XF 105 by Stanley): Now most accessories do not work without this interior: Thanks for the "good" update. The desire to play multiplayer disappeared.
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