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  1. Thats stupid if he didnt stopped(slowly). Record it and report such people. I was in such a situation myself 2 times because Microsoft had the briliant idea to not implement any sort of battery status signal for Xbox One controllers. Only chance to check status is to take batteries out or use Valve's Steam Big Picture Mode(which reads battery status). After my steering locked up and i crashed into someone i quickly moved and tried to reach my keyboard to avoid any further damage. Its really shitty to explain in chat that your batteries just died and that you arent a really big idiot.
  2. Im not sure what that 2 guys tried to do, best scene is at 1:36... Cut out the crazy failure i made before im still sorry Miss_Panda_Baws.
  3. Ha, thats fun http://i.imgur.com/9BBXEdY.jpg...looks hilarious!
  4. Is the W900 spoiler unlocked too?
  5. At first they need to work on all the basic stuff like Trucks, Paintjobs for them, Textures for the new States and so on, pretty sure it could take some while until some graphic artists get "time" to make some Paintjob DLCs which they will sell. The game lacks content, i hope they arent that stupid and release a paintjob pack that early
  6. You could use an extra button which presses all that buttons at the same time. You would need to edit that in the config.sii. Just paste the same command on every brake alternative button, dont think your Keyboard has some macro stuff? If you are limited to 3 buttons at the same time i think not Not sure, but think you would need to set the file to read only because SCS normally doesnt allow double usage of keys. Will test it out in some minutes. /edit: Yes, works how it should and you dont need to set it to read only. It uses all actions at the same time, should be "perfect" for you. http://steamcommunity.com/id/diabLo-Designz/screenshot/550933323093268397
  7. Cant you push the brakes up in the options? Pretty sure there is an option, with that you should stop faster if im right....Sucks for people behind you tho, because they most likely use the standard setting. I try to go right in such moments to avoid heavy damage and i dont want to drive into oncoming traffic until now i had luck most of the time, could react fast enough and avoid a crash. Not sure, but can it be that this laggers wont lag the same at everyone? Got shouted at because i suddenly braked like crazy to avoid a crash with such a lagger who just stopped in the middle of the street. Looked like the others didnt even saw him, which were behind me.
  8. $1337, i see what you did there thanks for the file! And cool find
  9. Didnt saw a difference as i removed my extra mirrors(2 side, 2 hood) so seems its really just the unoptimized game. With or without extra mirrors i can fall under 10fps with an i5 6600k, gtx970, m.2 ssd and 8gb of DDR4 ram. Hilarious when i think about it
  10. Not sure how the ingame reports function, dont think they are for "late" reports. The admins jump over to the reported scene and will check for themself(thats what i think). You should report such reckless people here: http://truckersmp.com/en_US/reports. You should have some evidence like a video or screens(video is better tho). Better let something run in the background which saves the last seconds/minutes if you press a button. There are several tools which can do that. Shadowplay(nVidia), the Raptr client and MSI Afterburner have this function. Not sure about others, OBS maybe? XFire client could do that too but i think they killed it? Not sure.
  11. Vll kann ich mich kurz an den Thread anhängen, bevor mir etwas ähnliches blüht Ich nutze den Company namen "Hemp Haulers" schon seit Hard Truck 2 oder dem ersten 18WoS. Ist der irgendwie vll verboten oder so? Frage wegen dem Paragraphen: "Jede Form eines Posts, der zur Verwendung von illegalen Gegenständen aufruft. Dies beinhaltet auch Drogen,"
  12. Im pretty new to the MP and for me it doesnt feel like its full of people who make it miserable, if you stay away from Oxnard single lane didnt saw any trolls or anything like that, some reckless drivers sure...but most, if not nearly all, people i encountered followed traffic rules to a degree which is ok since i tend to do the same. And you arent bound to the multiplayer, if you dont like it...just boot up the singleplayer and ignore mp for the rest of your life. For life on US serve i cant say anything, but seems like there are most of the time 200-400 people, if not more?
  13. Its better so, play with 1900 people on that small area and try to imagine AI cars inbetween...even more chaos lol.
  14. diablo2k5

    w900 now out

    Yeah sure, but if its there it should be somewhat street legal or am i wrong? It looks really badass, especially from the outside...but wont use that shield in MP. Coolness doesnt help when you cant see the lights!
  15. diablo2k5

    w900 now out

    Great truck hope the MP team will adapt the patches asap drove a bit in SP and its massive . Love that classic design, same truck was as 1:87 modell in my collectors edition from ATS. @McCreeper, which ugly spoiler you mean? And how are you guys in US even allowed to drive with that? http://steamcommunity.com/id/diabLo-Designz/screenshot/550933000120017628...you barely see something.
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