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  1. Well, I'm aware administrating in a such busy place might cause some mistakes etc. I even told the Admin (after I finally managed to drive out of EP) that IMO those kicks were wrong, but heh, admins can make mistakes too (They are human too afterall ) Cya in ETS2MP
  2. Before I start I want to say that I'm not trying to say that Admins are bad or Unfair. I've been playing ETS2MP since the beginning, and I've always respected the rules. I always played with common sense and never got kicked or etc. Today this happened.. Basically, as I was exiting from EP, a guy infront of me thought it was a great idea to jump all the queue because "Superior Being". As he tries to Overtake on the grass side, his plan fails and now has to get back on road. I thought this guy would have waited for the others trucks to pass before getting back on road (I would have done the same), and I was also the last truck in the queue, so not much of a problem. As I approach to him, I signal him of my presence, and the fact that I was not leaving much space between me and the truck infront. As I come closer to him, he tries to advance. I signal him again and move on. He then accelerates and hits me. I stop and he stops. I see not moving, I thought he was blocked by the barriers infront of him. I accelerate without going on the opposite lane. As I go he accelerates too and pushed me out of the lane. Blabla I get kicked for first (and not him for Overtaking at EP, I don't know if he was later). Before I rejoin, I park in a safe spot. When I get back, as I prepare to move on, I get kicked again after 5 seconds my game loaded, with reason "Parking". Now, I just wanted to have some opinions. I was wrong? Was the guy infront of me wrong? Was the second kick fair? I'm that kind of person that accepts his faults, and I try to learn from my errors. If it was my fault, what I should have done instead?
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