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  1. Dyriolon

    Cannot join any servers

    ^I can ping the servers, no rules is in the configuration "Port Blocking" of my router, I also try two different networks and two different computers...
  2. Dyriolon

    Cannot join any servers

    ^Hello, So, I connected via the "connection sharing" option from my cell phone. No change...
  3. Dyriolon

    Cannot join any servers

    Hi ! I'm on Windows 10, so I use the default Windows Defender, I disabled it, launched ETS2MP as admin, try to connect to Europe #5 when he was mid-loaded, but the result is the same... I tried to connect to the servers with the smallest load, I can wait as long as I can, the issue is still present. I honestly do not think it's a problem of full servers... For information, I tried to ping the servers, they reply without problems...
  4. Dyriolon

    Cannot join any servers

    Thanks you ! I'm not connected by VPN currently, here is a speedtest http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/4965748599 I've test Europe #1, #2, #3, #5, and USA #1. And several times in a day, knowing that it's been three days that I have the problem.
  5. Dyriolon

    Cannot join any servers

    Hello everyone. There is the problem, my game just don't want join any servers. I can log in without problems, join any servers, but this message appears every time : I've tested all the servers, launch the ets2mp with admin rights, reinstall ets2mp, and it's not a case of full servers (the indicator says the server is at 50% of his capacity).I never join any servers, and it's the 3rd day I've the problem.I also searched on the forum, but I didn't find any solutions... Thanks you for your help. And I'm not English, so don't judge me c: