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  1. I just get this: Exception in thread "main" java.lang.IllegalAccessException: Can not set static final boolean field javax.crypto.JceSecurity.isRestricted to java.lang.Boolean at sun.reflect.UnsafeFieldAccessorImpl.throwFinalFieldIllegalAccessException(Unknown Source) at sun.reflect.UnsafeFieldAccessorImpl.throwFinalFieldIllegalAccessException(Unknown Source) at sun.reflect.UnsafeQualifiedStaticBooleanFieldAccessorImpl.set(Unknown Source) at java.lang.reflect.Field.set(Unknown Source) at scsc.ScsC.removeCryptographyRestrictions(ScsC.java:118) at scsc.ScsC.main(ScsC.java:35) Tried putting the game.sii file in the same directory then dragging it on the .bat file. I have the latest version of Java 8 Update 144 installed. Tried making a .bat file with the right parameters as listed in the ReadMe, no avail. Any ideas? Marked as Trojan:Win32/Spursnit.F!Cl Works perfect though
  2. sjain

    Skoda issues?

    The steering seems very stiff, and the wipers, the animation moves but they don't clear anything from the screen. Any ideas?
  3. The mod: http://forum.scssoft.com/viewtopic.php?f=34&t=192045 For me, this is essential as the gamepad is horrible to use otherwise. It doesn't load with ETS2MP though - any fix or is this normal? If so, can we have this mod allowed please? It doesn't have any speedhack etc. You could check the source code Mod not by me
  4. Whenever I press F7 then enter, the game screen goes black and I have to use cmd to kill eurotrucks2.exe Any fix? Is there an alternative to this? It means I have to drive all the way to the services I am not using any mods
  5. Thanks everyone! What a friendly community. Also, just got even more stunned by your work, the working radio knob. How?!?!?! This mod is slowly giving the game as much function as OMSI 2. Also, you managed to put in a highly detailed car, that anyone could drive, and can show up correctly on everyone's screens. Just like that. I can download the client installer and it works just like that! Don't have to worry about mods or tinker for hours! Real love for your community shown everywhere. It just keeps coming! I have a two questions though, after browsing this forums. > Will I be banned/kicked for driving around freely in the skoda car (just plain blue, no lights or skins) on the Europe #1 server? I heard some talk about this, and am ready to abide by thr rules. > How do I use the voice chat? Not sure what exact key to use it, couldn't find much in Settings (the TruckersMP overlay) and a minor bug report: > Very, very rarely, the Skoda car sometimes loses acceleration, and slows to 2mph, not moving faster than that, and the handbrake also sometimes gets stuck when the game thinks it's off. The sounds of other player's Skoda vehicles are, in my opinion, pretty loud to me, and is very distracting. I'm sure it's an easy fix away though.
  6. Where can I donate? The implementation of the skoda - Modelling, perfect, sounds perfect, handling perfect, general feel is amazing. It's like it game with the game. Other player's ping never goes above 50 for me. It feels like this was built into the game. Please, never ever end this project. I was having such a bad day, and this made it. I really, really want to donate to this team. They have clearly done EVERYTHING they can to make the mp mod run great, feel great, community great. Boy, the skoda, the hard work and effort is so so clear. It's such a shame other game devs aren't like you. Give me a donate button NOW!
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