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  1. I guess sami6540 ran out of objections. Kinda quiet this thread now. About this: Imagine, that, its year 2003 right now. There is this thing, called Myspace. Now let´s be amazed that, you are in 1 room with Zuckerberg and he tells you this awesome idea of creating Facebook. But you simply answer to him: "Why? There is this thing called Myspace, and i can guarantee this will not be popular". If he would have thought, yeah, probably, not best to even try, we wouldn´t have this thing called Facebook today. Message is simple. Don´t look back, to all things we already have, look forward, what can we do to make things better or create something new!
  2. This is how. You don´t measure distance betweeen you and other person. You rather measure target(s) (friend) distance to nearest city. You´ve got City-A and City-B. Distance between these cities is 100 miles. If target is 40 miles outside City-A, it shows that he is near City-A. If target is in midpoint, 50 miles to City-A and to City-B, it will still show that target is near City-A, but if balance goes to 49 miles - 51 miles, it will show he is near City-B. On tab list it just shows friends name followed by nearest city. If player might want to know more, how far from city his friend is, you just ask via chat (steam). Now how to solve that, how far your friend is from city problem. I would say about 50% of this task is already done, by this ETS2MAP . Since players are already tracked where they are on the map. With some coding, you probably can make a tool, which can measure distance between target and nearest city. And when this is done, then all what is needed is only ingame friendlist window, which displays only players who are added manually to ingame friendlist. OR, if possible, get friendlist automatically from steam. So that, ingame friendlist only shows players, who are your friends in steam.
  3. Ok we got it. There is steam and friendlist won´t be added. But still i´d like to continue this discussion. Now, if i understand this correctly. You can see player ID from steam, but does "Player ID" stay always same? I think it does stay same, but i´m not sure. Using ETS2MP Map ,you currently can use search function only to find landmarks, like cities, fuel stations, etc. Could it be possible to add option, so we could use search function to find players using their "Player ID"? This way, if "Player ID" stays same every time, we could make text file for ourselves, and just use search function to locate where our friends might be, on this very big map. Of course, as with every thing, there is negative side too, if you can search players using their "player id". In theory, maybe player hates someone for some reason and wants to ram him/her. Using search function he/she can locate that player this way, but if this might happen, we got report system already in place.
  4. I don´t really see it as unnecessary. Let´s say you got 30 friends who you met ingame or known earlier, who currently play a game. Now texting to them 1 by 1 asking where they are, is pretty time consuming. And after 15 minutes or later, you might want to find out again where they are. Now on ETS2MP website you already got map ( http://ets2map.com/ ), where you can track every player, even select which server you want to display players from. This page, you can also watch while not logged in, but if possible, maybe add "Friendlist" menu under Options, which is displayed only if user is logged in. Under friendlist you´ve got following options: Add friend (using player ingame nickname) and Remove friend.
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