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  1. When i open a log spawning file, I noticed that 90% of the names written on the Chinese language. A recording on the right writes a normal name, I do not know whether this is a bug or not, and whether this is still someone happens but I find it strange. It's started to happen after the last update. I can send a screenshot of the video log spawning someone admin so be compared whether this be so or not
  2. Ivke

    Reverse lights

    i cant see the pictures, but my friends (more of them) cant see my reverse lights but the reverse sound is there, and that problem they have only in my presence, while the normally sue them (hear the other normal and see lights normally)
  3. I have a problem from yesterday with reverse lights, that goes back to my truck and I see the lights and hear the sound and my friends can not see the lights and hear the sound that does not stop even when the throw from the reverse speed. I tried to reinstall MP patch (without winter mode) but it did not solve the problem and do not know what else to try, I even went to verify integrity of game cache on ets2 on steam but it did not help, and it only happens when I stop in place (in service or on pumps). Sorry for my english
  4. I tried everything I knew and what I heard from other players, but failed
  5. I know all of this and so I did, but the time to take cargo and deliver the cargo remains the same so I do not know what's going on
  6. When I deleted the ets2, then I mp furnace and then I did the cleaning with CCleaner, so I took off again ets2 through steam and just when I installed ets2, then I installed mp stove so that it does not help and it looks like I'm not the only one has this problem with mp
  7. When I reinstalled ets2, and I delete ets2 folder from the my documents as mp furnace installed and up again, and then I got into the game, made a new profile, and threw out my old one and the same happens I took the burden solely on mp, never to take the sp but to go on mp, sometimes it was to start on the MP server break and then drive round to the end of the sp but this last time I did it for more than 2 months
  8. i tried that and its not working
  9. Yes, I changed the file, and I reset the economy and I turn off payment penalties (due to radar)
  10. no, that profile i use only for mp, without any mods. But last night i started a new profile throw mp and the situation is the same
  11. I reinstalled ec2 and made everything new (profile settings) but I still do the same thing happens even though I came across mp and made profile
  12. I found the folder but I have found since version 1.12 and tried it but the same thing, so I wonder if we might not ets bagd so that I have to reinstall
  13. I've done here, and the same happens and i have no mod in mods folder. I think I will start with the new profile to the mp because this has a bag
  14. here what is hapening: and this at loadsave (number of weeks) it seemed to me that earlier went to a maximum of 4 weeks and again started from week 1 and for me is week 10
  15. I tried to reset the economy, because there was no work, but after that appeared this problem, I even tried to F7 + enter but still has time left to play as the SP, but this is a team did not quite understand, I always log in when playing MP, and first and after logging on with a game vot see screenshot,pay attention to the time until the expiration of the time of taking delivery
  16. with the latest mp patch I screwed mp profile that I drove, but I found the backup and returned it, but I noticed that the last few days delivery time cargo goes to a maximum of 40-45 hours and as I remember it used to be a few hundred watches to expiry of delivery (when taking and during delivery) I have the impression that we play loads of games only time that is not synchronized with the mp system around the load. Is there something that can be done to fix it ?? I tried even to move from town to town (if I like a tour) but when I go there, the burden is gone, as if playing SP
  17. i fixed the problem with game crash, i just copied "save" folder from the profiles( into my current profile in ets2 and works
  18. i will try that, and i m playing on 1.15.1s
  19. i tried to move on another location on the map, i dont use any mod on this profile because with that profile i drive only on mp, but game crashes every time after i press Drive button.
  20. I was between the city of Mannheim and Luxembourg, those narrow roads
  21. I tried a couple of minutes and then let me on the server, but I do not see why not let me go to the profile with which I played until tonight mp, nothing changed on him to cause that game crashes
  22. its crashes again, i dont know what to do
  23. Mod Version: Version 0.1.3.R3 Controllers Used: keyboard/mouse Description of Issue: as soon as I press the button Drive, and start loading game and when game need to let me go on the road, the game breaks with this new patch and the sp normally enter How to reproduce: game crashe. Screenshots / Videos: http://tinypic.com/r/js0bhh/8
  24. same here, but i tried to uninstall/instal mp patch and now game crashes when i press Drive button
  25. Ivke

    eu1 server

    ok, and then how under server status says he's busy 10% ie to have 439 players
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