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  1. Seems to be asking for a higher version than what I have and steam is not upgrading I am opted out of any beta what do I do?
  2. When I do a convoy if I can't find a job going to the correct location or near it then I will pick a Job that is much further away to give me plenty of time to complete the convoy then carry on to that location after the convoy finishes and I will often exit to SP to finish the job if I haven't got time then I will use the Dev console in SP to complete the job to 'cash in' the exp for the distance driven during the convoy but I have noticed since a recent update that save games made in MP don't seem to work when loaded into SP and will auto quit the job and reset my truck to my 'home' location
  3. ok, got it, new question, if I leave the truckersmp client open, will it auto update or do I have to reopen it when your update Is ready?
  4. same as above can't connect, says I need 1.26.3 all I find it 1.26.x and public beta 1.26 both of these do not work
  5. Avast dosn't seem to like the new updated client ( it keeps auto deleting it it didn't do this with the old update so now I can only play when avast is off. anyone know how I could exlude it within the avast settings?
  6. server went back up for a nano seconds now its down again

    1. oneDriLLeY
    2. MartyTheTrucker


      Same... hope they fix the servers soon.

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