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  1. How to get dragon skin?

    if i can see the DLC without having it, then the "TruckersMP and DLC's" guide is wrong and should be updated by author or other mod.
  2. How to get dragon skin?

    yes, thank you! and about the other ones? i saw one on volvo. theres also red/white bumpers and i couldnt find anything explaining this
  3. How to get dragon skin?

    I saw many people with custom skins but tehyre not in shop? how to get? thanks
  4. ^ Topic Title Just asking. I'm not sure if I should uninstall the mp or try applying for unban.
  5. last updated

    Suggestion Name: last updated on homepage Suggestion Description: Function to show when the client was last updated below the version on homepage. (see example image) Any example images: http://i.imgur.com/YyHtSDz.png < Why should it be added?: So that I know if the server is broken or I'm out of date
  6. czech too, someone needs to fix this
  7. EU #3

    You don't interact with those people anyways.. They will probably soon add bot cars to the game so that you won't feel alone anymore. That's why there are convoy organising websites.
  8. EU #3

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Freedom_of_choice - Other multiplayer games have multiple servers too. If they got together with SCS Software and made ETS2 Multiplayer DLC with possibility of custom servers, I'd pay for it.
  9. EU #3

    Suggestion Name: EU #3 Suggestion Description: Third server with collisions and removed speed limiter for people who keep complaining. (I can host it) Any example images: http://i.imgur.com/PLGsPzv.png Why should it be added?: Some people are not happy with EU #1 or EU #2