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  1. SwippyOG

    No Jobs

    If you have linked your account to world of trucks you are also able to do external contracts. Those will always work! Downside is that you can't drive faster than 90kmph.
  2. I hope one day I can help with the report system. Ill love to do that. And yea. I think the in game report system isn't that good. But al least it's something. I with tho that multiple people could report a person when he is trolling or doing something else that is wrong. So that the admins can see how many people are getting f#[email protected] over by this troll
  3. 18 Jun 2015. Felt like I've been here longer. Really awesome time being here!
  4. This is such a great way to do a giveaway!
  5. I do always follow the rules. Just sometimes I go true a red licht.
  6. I would love that! Seeing all the new trucks in a convoy! I would be so down to join that!
  7. @chargedewd You can press the TAB button when you are in multiplayer. And then you can go to settings and turn it off. But you have to know that there is a speed limiter on external contracts. So that might be the reason as well. If you want to be able to go fast you have to turn off the speel limiter in the official setting of the game and the one I just told you when you press TAB. And then you have to do a normal job. Not an external one. Hope this fixes your issue.
  8. I really can't wait until we can use the Scania S&R in MP!
  9. So So hyped! Really can't wait and really happy to hear that this awesome DLC is coming in MP!
  10. I'm looking for a company that is serious and follows the rules when driving. 

  11. It doesn't say so. But they should really add it in ASAP.
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