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  1. So if i select as default mic output in ETS VoiceMeeter, it won't change anything?
  2. Hi, Wanna ask if my voice in CB Radio is the same as my steam voice volume (steam,options and voice tab). Cuz in steam my voice is perfect but i don't know if it's the same in Ets. P.S: I use VoiceMeeter (voice modifier, not voice CHANGER, makes your vocie sound deeper and something like that)
  3. Problem fixed, had to reinstall controller driver! Thanks everyone who tried to help me:)
  4. Not using retarder checked, Xbos 360 wireless controller Couldn't Accelerate and Brake
  5. I've got that problem for a long time, but now it's becoming anoying, whenever i release my accelerator MY TRUCK BRAKES ITSELF. Checked all options but nothing, reseted controller but still nothing... Hope i found a fix.
  6. Hello After the new release of Ets2MP i've noticed that when i cancel a job,teleport to garage, the game sudently freezes and i can't do anything. It has to do something with my profile or what?
  7. Thanks, this really helped me alot!
  8. Hi i've seen that the stock command of voice chat is " V ", and i don't use the keyboard that much i'd like to change it to another command such the down D-Pad from the xbox 360 controller. Is it possible? Thanks Eddy
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