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  1. Hellow fellow truckers or something, no idea why i said that but thats not the point. so i was like 12-13 ish when i created this account and i did not know username was gonna be a nickname for in-game so yes its my full name. after installing it a year ago and playing i didint know you can change your name. but everytime i do this its saying incorrect password. And yes im not that stupid anymore (i hope ) and yes the password i type in is correct because i used the same to login. Keep getting "incorrect password", tried changing it, new email, tried changing password for like 5 times, waited 14 days etc.... so im kinda stuck here. idk if its on my side or truckersmp side. i hope admin or moderators (same thing kinda) can change my name. Thanks for reading this or trying to help and i hope you have a wonderfull day or even night! greetz Anton
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