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  1. Hi Guys Thanks for all your answers. Came home from work today only to find my router needed a reboot (was only going like 10% speed and my phone couldn't connect to wifi). Then I remembered that last week I requested my ISP to change some settings and they probably did that yesterday or today because that usually means I have to reboot the router. Now I've been trucking tonight for 3 hour's (on Promods server 1) without any problems, except for some strange peak's on my ping. At first they came every 30-60 seconds and could go as high as 144 ms (normally it's approx 36 ms). At first I tried to close all browser-windows etc, but no result. As I did install Adobe Premiere Pro some weeks ago, I then identified 4 adobe services (see below) that I stopped ( 2 and 2 and then all 4) and by doing so, it seemed like the ping peak's only came every 3-5 minutes and now max 80-90 ms. Strange thing was, that after some time the ping peaks allmost disappeared (1 every 10 minutes up to 100 ms) and it stayed this way even after starting all 4 services again. I can't say it's not the "normal picture" with a single high peak now and then, as long as I don't get disconnected from the server, so for now I have to conclude it was a combination of my router needing a reboot and some services (probably Adobe's) "running wild". The 4 services is: - "Adobe Acrobat Update Service" - "AdobeUpdateService" - "Adobe Genuine Monitor Service" - "Adobe Genuine Software Integrity Service" Btw my router is only a couple of month old, provided by my ISP with my new 300/60 Mbit/s connection. I use a 0,5 m cat 6.0 cable to connect to my 1 Gbps LAN adapter in my Windows 7 PC. Thanks again for all your different suggestions and fast answers. It's highly appreciated ! The best community ever. Br GhostDK
  2. Hi TruckersMP I'm having these strange disconnections on Promods server 1 where I can drive for more than 1 hour and suddenly in areas with low density of players I get disconnect. It says "Too high average ping! (Current 34 ms, average 1366 ms, max 600 ms)". I've been trucking for more than 1000 hours on the normal ETS2 and ATS servers (standard maps) with up to 140 ms (ATS US) ping and have never experienced this before. Can you please help me, what is the reason for this and how do I get around this issue ? Br GhostDK (Game.log.txt file attached) Too high average ping error - game.log.txt
  3. Topic Title: Error in Trucky-App TruckersMP ID: 411983 URL: NA Server Time / Date: NA How to reproduce: Every time I try to startup the App it says "Network Error" and then just an Ok-button. Pushing the button just removes the Error-window but the App just hangs trying to login. Browser: NA Screenshots / Videos: NA Sorry for posting here, but I was not able to find a suitable place in your forum for App-errors and since it cannot startup I can't use that for report. Hope you will bring this bug to the right people. Thanks.
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