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    On some Croatian industrial port
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    Railways, trucks, freight transportation, PlayStation, Crash Bandicoot, proffesional 'railway' freight wagon spotter.
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    Utah: Salt Lake City
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    Bulgaria: Varna
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    croatian, english

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  1. Snowboarding Chemicals or Petroleum?
  2. I like both but personality i'm more cat fan, since both of animals required extra training, care, being home with them. Sadly i had a very good retriever dog for three years which has sadly died under wheels, even though he never runned to the road.
  3. One giang egg Chicken or French fries?
  4. Happy birthday!

  5. Congrats!

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      Thank you! :HaulieLove:

  6. How the heck i am supposed to put my VTC on my profile to be visible on my posts? 🤔

  7. Chocolate cake Chef or CEO?
  8. Happy birthday!

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      Thank You :HaulieLove:

  9. Happy birthday!

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