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  1. The "Remember Me" feature only exempts the requirement of entering a 2FA code for 30 days on the specific device where you have chosen to enable the option. It's highly unlikely for anyone to willingly share their 2FA credentials.
  2. Hello, I strongly suggest the implementation of a "Remember me" button for the 2FA Authentication option while logging into the TruckersMP account. It has become increasingly frustrating to input the 2FA code every time we log in, and I believe this feature would greatly enhance the user experience. Once the "Remember me" button is clicked, users would be able to bypass the need for the 2FA code for a convenient duration of 30 days.
  3. Hello there! This game is currently lacking support for the Arabic language. Arabian VTCs are growing rapidly, and there are many Arabic players interested in the game. It would be greatly appreciated if you could consider adding Arabic language support to the game. Thank you so much in advance!
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