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  1. Note: I heard that scs changed the encryption of saves in 1.47 , but I'm not sure. The method definitely works in 1.46. 1. Get TS SaveEditor Tool from GitHub or somewhere else. 2. Unpack and run it. On the right, select profile and save, click "Decrypt", then "Open folder" Find the file "game.sii" and open it with Notepad or another text editor. 4. Press Ctrl+F to search, then find the value "money_account". Change the value to 0 or another value for your money. 5. Save the file, run the game and load the edited save.
  2. A few hours ago I sent a report in which a Skoda does a breakcheck and rams the trucks for 3 minutes streight (much longer in fact, but I don't have a record)... But it makes no sense to remove them from the game. Take away their cars, they will do the same on the trucks. The trucks also accelerate very fast without a trailer.
  3. They can only coexist on different servers. Because some move almost twice as fast as others. This is not safe and will lead to many accidents. So splitting into Simulation 1 and Simulation 2 was the right move. Increasing the speed limit on servers like promods and ATS server is a bad move. It's not surprising that players aiming for more realism playing on these servers are not happy, because you've made their experience worse.
  4. The speed limit on Simulation 1 must be lowered to 90 km/h. Anyone who wants to go faster should go to arcade racing server, which you call Simulation 2. Then everything would really make sense.
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