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  1. I found the event rather difficult, especially for players who play alone. In any case, I didn't make it, I didn't have the yellow egg. On the other hand, I was often able to screenshot eggs in the other colours several times in several different locations, but in my case I never managed to get the yellow egg colour I was missing, no matter how often I went to the known locations. Players who played together with many other players or were part of a larger VTC, on the other hand, could simply park a player permanently at each position and were then told which coloured egg was currently in the corresponding position, but you didn't have this option if you were playing alone. As a result, you could only go to the same known positions over and over again and had to hope to find the missing yellow egg by chance, but ultimately only built up a collection of red, blue, green etc. eggs in changing positions. In this respect, I found it difficult to find the missing yellow egg in the allotted time. Nevertheless, I found the event fun, even if it wasn't successful for me personally and I didn't get the profile badge. But perhaps we can find a solution to this problem in the future. For example, "find 10 different eggs in different locations" or something like that. In this case, I could have used my 3 shots of the red eggs in different locations and the 2 photos of the green eggs in different locations (I can't remember if it was exactly this combination, I've already deleted the shots), and the missing yellow egg, which was apparently always not where I was going, wouldn't have been a problem for me which is a little bit frustrating for me ("oh, great, the third time I found the red egg at the third location").
  2. Thank you for this update! There is also a "Heavy"? Didn´t remind this. What are the other individual levels? I know besides the now mentioned "Normal" and "Low". And would it perhaps be feasible for the web developer TMP is now looking for to display an estimated processing time for then newly submitted reports in addition to the current status?
  3. I have played a total of 1,062 hours of ETS2 TMP here on the servers since 17 May 2021 (849 days), 26.6 hours in the last two weeks as I have been in bed with a flu infection rather than playing TMP. So, subtracting the total of 24 days I was banned per day I played an averaged of 1.3 hours over the last 2,5 years (if I haven't miscalculated now). I hope this is enough game time for you to have given me my own impression about the situation on the TMP servers. I would be very grateful to you in this respect, not to have to read such a non-argumentation from you again, because I have probably sufficiently justified in https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/topic/113285-update-to-our-game-moderation-strategy/&do=findComment&comment=1114751 what my game experience was and how I got this impression. And yes, of course, I also realize that the situation will not change from one day to the next. But I already see "High" as status in the web report system" again, even though people can now submit only half as many web reports as before - and it's still before the weekend. I haven't submitted a web report yet (because, as I said, I spent the last week in bed) - so I can't report if the processing time of the web reports has actually improved yet. But what I can say already is that I watched a lot of ETS2 TMP twitch streams while lying in bed last week: In-game reports still time out unprocessed (I haven´t seen a single ingame report in the streams which haven't timed out), so obviously nothing has improved in that respect. So, as soon as I start playing again, I will have to create web reports again instead of ingame reports, if I want to make sure that I don't throw the reports about traffic accidents etc. concerning me into a huge garbage can. In this respect, at least so far nothing has improved or even changed for me, except that probably 50% of the people who made my gaming experience negative will continue to do so in the future because they don't even have to take time to think about their driving behavior because they haven't received a ban for it (so everything must be fine if they ram trucks of the road with their caravans - otherwise they would have received a ban..).
  4. You are hiding your ban history so it's not possible to see your last ban. But anyway, you got 5 bans in only 9 months. And the arcade-serrver has of course also rules.
  5. So I should no longer report the wrong-way driver on the highway, even if it is a clear violation of rules, because it does not significantly affect my own game experience, because the wrong-way driver is not coming towards me and has not hit my truck, because he is separated from me by a guardrail. And as long he hasn't driven towards my own driving and can impact my own gaming experience, he should proceed with it during the next days. That's about the summary of your statement. And whether it was a pleasure for me to report such players in the past can't matter to you in the end. Driving instead of reporting others is much more fun, at least for me. What I don't enjoy, however, is this culture of "I only report something that directly and immediately affects my gameplay", because for me that ultimately leads to the fact that next time I could be the one to whom such a ghost driver breaks the truck, because he was not banned before and could possibly learn and reflect that it is perhaps not so cool when he is driving as a ghost driver on a highway (even if he did not ram me away at that moment, because he was driving in the same direction as me on the lane of the opposite direction).
  6. My thoughts, too... This will only mean that you will no longer be intentionally rammed in areas with heavy traffic (where potentially many can then report it), but only in areas where you are alone with the person who is ramming you - so where a maximum of one person can report the violation (and the report will not be processed anyway because it remains at the bottom of the list and timed out). Perfect invitation to stalk others in sparsely populated areas.
  7. It will not work. For example, my web report from August 22nd 23:50 UTC (a week and a half ago) has still not been processed. I play TMP every night. Even if I only report a single player every day who completely and absolutely willfully rammed my truck, these 10 reports will obviously not be enough for me. The fact that I do web reports at all is solely due to the fact that ingame reports invariably time out anyway, so you can save yourself filling them out from the start, they are completely pointless. Up until now I've felt that completing reports is something the game moderation team wants because it helps them remove the worst players from the game (potentially saving themselves a lot of further work because they can't commit any more offenses) . In the meantime, however, one increasingly gets the impression that the submission of reports is something that the team would like to turn off completely because it takes work when I read through how web reports are presented in the first post. If I had submitted so many "senseless" reports in the past as shown here as "usual" in the opening posting, I would not have been able to submit 20 reports consistently, because then significantly more reports would have been rejected by me and the maximum number of my website reports would have been lowered earlier anyway. Instead, you now have to accept that you get rammed off the road several times every evening and are allowed to teleport to the workshop - because your own truck is lying on its side again. There are enough car drivers (and yes, mostly they are car drivers) who feel they have to push you out of the way as it seemed like to be their right to drive always and anywhere with 110 km/h or so that they can drive past traffic jams on the hard shoulder or green shoulder to the right, or pull in ahead of you to keep a safe distance (and then lag so that you ram them) - or just drive wrong side towards you when on their side is a traffic jam. We all know these guys. Because if one were to continue reporting in the way you said it was the case, the 20 reports would have been used up after just driving the Duisburg-Calais route once or twice. In fact, if they had been earlier, I would have submitted a website report every time I found myself in the garage because someone put my truck on its side again. So now you have to accept it, knowing that the person will not be punished for it and can and may continue to ram people off the street. Or you can calm yourself down, fill out an in-game report and wait 10 minutes for it to time out again as it has in the last years. So if you don't want your players to continue to be able to report such people, the only way the system could work again would be to add more game moderators to the team - but certainly not to reduce the number of possible reports - because that is ultimately only ensures that the players who do not follow the rules will do so even more in the future, because they know that they have nothing to fear from the in-game reports (and now also the website-reports). And the few players who even bother with website reports (which are significantly more complex also for the one who did the report - even more work than just an in-game click) - they don't have any more reports available anyway if the processing of each report takes more than a week and a half and you would like to play ETSTMP every day.
  8. In fact, I think it would be nice to be able to receive an archival, even as a non-patron. I missed the Trucker HQ event and nothing has happened since then. And a corresponding implementation shouldn't be that complicated (in contrast to new trailer attachments, which can then be reserved for patrons, but such a simple archiving badge in the profile...?
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