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  1. Je me suis posé la question et j'ai vérifié sur le net, c'est variable en fonction du type de la remorque, nombre d'essieux, longeur (longeronts en acier) et la garniture (comprendre par là les équipement barre en metal / tôles etc) exemple : http://www.truckchina.fr/3-tank-trailer-5.html> 12 tonnes pour la remorque à vide.
  2. J'ai posté ceci sur facebook : http://www.ouest-france.fr/drame-de-puisseguin-le-poids-lourd-sest-deporte-sur-la-voie-de-gauche-3796647 Il est un peu plus de 7h du matin sur un route sinueuse, il fait noir, un chauffeur de poids lourd est prudent et roule à allure modérée, il a son fils à ses côtés, il adore les camions. Dans l'autre sens un conducteur de bus transporte ses passagers, il connait la route, il l'emprunte régulièrement, il est trop confiant et se permet de mordre quelques virages ça et là. Mais cette fois il croise la route d'un camion, qui tant bien que mal tente d'éviter la catastrophe, freine, fortement, les pneus crisses le camion commence doucement à se mettre en travers et se déporte, il est trop tard... le tracteur "dérape" poussé par sa remorque (+/- 10tonnes contre 5 à 7 pour le tracteur) et frappe le bus sur son flanc avant gauche, quant à la remorque elle s'encastre à l'avant du bus. Les 2 véhicules sont stoppés net. C'est la fin. Tout ça pour dire, ceci n'est qu'une hypothèse mais au vu des photos du placement des véhicules, celle-ci me semble être une bonne hypothèse, à noter que la cabine est écrasée sur son flanc gauche le bus n'a pas directement heurté le tracteur mais celui-ci est lié à sa remorque, en la frappant, il a soulevé le tracteur qui s'est écrasé sur le bus, autre chose ils possible d'observer sur certaines photo que le pneu arrière gauche du bus n'est pas "sur sa voie" autrement dit pour éviter le camion alors qu'il était entrain de mordre la ligne médiane le bus aurait très bien pu "tirer tout droit". Pour info j'adore les camions/bus depuis que je suis tout petit "rêve d'enfant", aujourd'hui je suis informaticiens... j'ai loupé ma vocation? Et vous qu'en pensez vous?
  3. Hello, Actuellement je test ceci : http://forum.scssoft.com/viewtopic.php?f=34&t=165855 Que je trouve pas mal le fichier "mod" qui ne fonctionne pas ne sert qu'a mute le son original du moteur mais personnelement ca n'est pas plus génant que ça d'avoir celui là part dessus (Scania V8) Et la config sweetFx suivante à laquel je n'ai trouvé aucun défaut hormis le fait qu'il faille appliquer les corrections qu'un utilisateur à cité dans les commentaires : http://ets2.lt/en/excellent-sweetfx/, n'oubliez pas de désactiver la correction des couleurs + MSAA avant de lancer le jeux avec sweetfx, dans le cas contraire le jeu crash. A noter également que le fait d'utiliser sweet fx fait crasher le jeux en MP, je pense que les injections du launcher MP + sweetfx sont la cause du crash. SweetFx est à installer dans le dossier X86 du jeu (version steam / MP) Voilà voilà, bon jeu à vous
  4. I Tend to drive like this as much as i can and to park the trailer that fast is not that hard you just need a little bit of training but you have to always do like he did in the video (depending of driving side) but use the side you could watch outside by the windows and try to align your trailer before engaging reverse so there is only a reverse manoeuver to do and its far more easier. Using the side mirror is a bit harder since i need to put my head at something like 20cm of my screen sad they didnt implement a zooming button like if you approach your face from the windows to take a closer look to the mirrors!
  5. you made a little misstake or better to say you forget a little something, when a roadsign indicate 60 its not the speed limitation for trucks but only for "cars" if I were you i would add this in big RED letters somewhere.
  6. well i didnt tryed in SP the new version and have to admit that actually I feel that trailer are now heavy as they probably would in real life thats a good point and its a bit harder to brak with sliders max to the left, so its all good for me actually And have to admit at multiple time yesterday i missed a couple of corners because i didn't anticipate well before taking it!
  7. Coming from a moderator I have to admit that I'm suprised since this can be called "a bad attempt to troll", anyway for your information here is a link : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Simulation and as far as I know this game is called Euro Truck "Simulator" 2. And also I'm not criticizing the game I just give my personnal opinion on a point that could be enhanced. I'm playing with sliders all on the left and have a 480 and i don't see much difference
  8. Fact is nothing won't restrain them to do otherwise since taking a turn at that speed is not impossible in many cases
  9. yes there is, I agree and that's why i said that making misstake in ETS2 won't make your truck break/flip/destroy/jackknife/slip out of the road and whatever realistic thing that can happen ^^ or you really have to want it!
  10. @TheMc Same, all the situation you took as examples are the best situtations that you should ever encounter if you drive carefully, but sometimes things happen, and in ETS2 fact is that by doings misstakes there is nearly no risks because physics is not that great to me. I wish it was more accurate to feel the thrill of driving heavy haulers in the back in sharps turn uphill, downhill and whatever situtations i may fall on. Its just sad that i need to slow down in corners even if there is no risk for me to crash only because out of the simulation its how i drive when im not able to see the end of the corner and won't risk it with a truck for example. At least if ETS2 was a bit more harder, ppl playing like if they were late in MP, burning red lights, cutting corners, driving on the wrong lane, speeding everywhere except in town wouldn't be there ! But anyway i like the game personnaly I would just make it harder !
  11. You are right, the Jake brake coupled with a little bit of "brake power" is as powerfull as the retarder if not more but to make it powerfull you need to shift down just above or in the red zone the retarder is used downhill to keep a constant speed contrary to the Jake brake that is more used to stop the truck without using to much "brake power".
  12. 1. I only pull heavy loads and I never said I don't feel the weight at all but to me it's not enough! 2. I tested a while back at the release of ets2 and didn't noticed any change, should try again but "slider type" for this option is weird you got no information on if its on the left its more arcade and if it's on the right it's "normal" or kind of realistic and not "over realistic" 3. Yeah this system work but as far as i know there is no kind of "emergency brake system" in ETS2 because there is no drive assist option except those sliders that "may" make the game likely more "harder". 4. I don't remember an option like this one but if it's in the game its the same as point 2 Will test again when back from work! EDIT : Just to experience what i said earlier going straight forward on a long road and lock at for example 100km/h now give some brutal left right kicks and try to make the trailer sliding... if you do so i want a video @Wolfpig : By going full throttle i mean you can take a sharp turn (not 90°) without releasing the throttle and you can even brake during a turn without loosing any traction and here even with the best drive assist this is not possible. If you use you brake in a turn you probably end up off the road your wheels would lock and your truck wont turn at all and slide straight forward pushed by the trailer OR End like this
  13. Am I the only one thinking that trailers feeling is wrongly done in ETS2? IMO they give you no sensations of weight for example by going uphill (feeling is a bit better slowing down truck) but even worse downhill the jake brakes even lowered to nearly nothing are too powerfull, add on top of that the fact that the trailer stability is way to high, I remember a game I played years ago called "King of the Road" and I enjoyed the physics of the trailers at this time. Actually you can brake like crazy, even going downhill at 80km/h and braking on a 20meter mark.... without locking wheels... even with the best braking system its like no way! Actually you can also turn at full throttle and this without the trailer and the truck to just... explode in a tree or fences... In definitive, overall Truck stability is way to high, taking a sharp turn at 80km/h would result in a crash by slipping into fence... or worse falling of the mountains plus trailers would slip also and go side way. This is sad because to me its the only thing that could potentialy makes me say "ETS2 is not a pure simulation" but a mix of an Arcade game and a simulation. So... what do you think? Is there any way to improve this in multiplayer? Between english is not my natural language so please be cool !! Happy trucking!
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