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  1. Asia

    Add Mods/ Add Mods Server

    +1 We need free server ...mods are ETS2 Emphasis,if no mod ,no one play it,no one know it.
  2. I try many times,they dont care about this detail
  3. But SCS update many times,every time look more ugly...and Flare not big change,just Little effort. Yes,MP easy to add this and chnage this,only allow this mod no any Bugs
  4. Suggestion Name: Fix Baseball Light Suggestion Description:Pls Fix Baseball Light Model for Euro Truck Simulator 2 Multiplayer... or Allow Better!! More Real !! Flare Mod Pack, like Peer's 3D works Any example images: Why should it be added?: Because light system not normal,after 1.17 update, Flare more poor quality. Flare only 5MB, not much...easy to fix and make them more detail like real.