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  1. Happy Birthday!??

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  3. Hi @1K-24 Jordan Grey You can use this method to find a valid path. Steam-Library-American Truck Simulator-Properties-Local files Copy the path via Steam folder Hope this can help you. Kind regards PRC*LongmenInt'I.066
  4. Hi @Prski19 The set of rules has mentioned the detail 5.1 Local Mods - Using local-only items such as sound and model accessories that use the /home directory (this does not include addon hookups). you can find all rules here: https://truckersmp.com/knowledge-base/article/704 If you would like to use the big tank, try to change your chassis to 4x2 Hope this can help you. All the best PRC*LongmenInt'I.066
  5. It's good, the tuning pack provides different new retrofit components.
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  9. That's the truth, you can understand TruckersMP is a multiplayer mod. Just my opinion.
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  11. Congratulations?:HaulieLove:

  12. I'm the ex-win11 user. To be honest is not friendly for modification games such as OMSI2, you simply can't predict the game crash and computer crash issues of this simulator in this new system due to compatibility. However, Win 11 has a brand-new UI design and global optimization. Therefore, if your configuration can run this system and you are not a modification player like me; I recommend updating the system. Just my opinion.
  13. Happy Birthday! ??

  14. 十分期待这次的活动,感谢你的翻译!
  15. Looking forward to SCS can release this map as soon as possible and I have added it to my wishlist. ?
  16. Franze P.


    Iceland is my favourite place in Promods. The difference is right now some roads that are invisible and need to explore.
  17. Sad to see you leave the team. Take good care.:HaulieLove:

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