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  1. stigge2000 has been released.

    Thx for the CRASH fix, it was driving me CRAZY great job guys!
  2. I can't help thinking of the ETS2MP team when i listen to this:

  3. I will never drink again!!

    1. Scar


      You'll die if you don't drink anymore :/

    2. Ashley


      ... is what everyone says after a night out.

  4. This solution worked for me, thanks
  5. Nothing special, except trucking

  6. stigge2000

    Ban Appeal - Fatal

    1. Your In-game name when banned: [HA Jensen] Stigge2000 [NOR] 2. Why you should be unbanned?: I'm aware that i screwed up, but i my defence I could not help what happend, my truck was turning off all the time because of a sudden breaker and i smashed into him and the truck was wasted. I was trying to get it going again and started driving when i saw in the mirror a truck comming in fast and i was trying to get out of the way, but failed. 3. Screenshot/Video (if applicable): No screenshot.