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  1. Wanted to update my post; now using the R3 build and get Fatal Error crashes about 90% of the time whenever I load into the game to drive from the menu-management screen, after already logging into ETS2MP and into my character account. The crash happens when the loading bar gets to about 95%, before you see any of the actual in-game content.
  2. I also get Fatal Crash errors whenever I get close to shops, pick-up areas, or drop-off areas that have a reasonable player population, since this past server reset. I just hop over to single-player to do whatever I needed to do there, then swap back over when I'm safe and clear. I'm sure it'll get fixed soon! Thanks for this R3 update devs ::EDIT:: After the R3 update, I'm getting Fatal Crash errors almost 90% of the time whenever I go through a loading-screen to start driving after logging in, regardless of where I actually am in the game at the time, and how busy it is at tha
  3. In my game as well, with the newest version of the update, I get Fatal Crash errors whenever I interact with "buildings" within a city that has a reasonable player population. For example, buying/applying upgrades, hooking up to a new trailer, getting close to drop-off point for the delivery, etc situations, have all caused a Fatal Crash error for me. I have yet to get one just "driving around" when there are not other players around in abundance. I have reinstalled ETS2MP, ETS2, cleared cache, all that fun stuff. Worst case, is I have to load my game in single-player, drive the last 5
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