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  1. I always follow limits -- even in ATS where without NPC traffic (police speed traps) and any sort of random events you never get speeding tickets. Keeps you in the right mindset for running World of Trucks jobs and VTC jobs.
  2. Wait there's people here, which play this game, that don't use World of Trucks?? ...Really?
  3. Wanted to update my post; now using the R3 build and get Fatal Error crashes about 90% of the time whenever I load into the game to drive from the menu-management screen, after already logging into ETS2MP and into my character account. The crash happens when the loading bar gets to about 95%, before you see any of the actual in-game content.
  4. I also get Fatal Crash errors whenever I get close to shops, pick-up areas, or drop-off areas that have a reasonable player population, since this past server reset. I just hop over to single-player to do whatever I needed to do there, then swap back over when I'm safe and clear. I'm sure it'll get fixed soon! Thanks for this R3 update devs ::EDIT:: After the R3 update, I'm getting Fatal Crash errors almost 90% of the time whenever I go through a loading-screen to start driving after logging in, regardless of where I actually am in the game at the time, and how busy it is at that location.
  5. In my game as well, with the newest version of the update, I get Fatal Crash errors whenever I interact with "buildings" within a city that has a reasonable player population. For example, buying/applying upgrades, hooking up to a new trailer, getting close to drop-off point for the delivery, etc situations, have all caused a Fatal Crash error for me. I have yet to get one just "driving around" when there are not other players around in abundance. I have reinstalled ETS2MP, ETS2, cleared cache, all that fun stuff. Worst case, is I have to load my game in single-player, drive the last 50-miles again to make a delivery or whatever, quit and re-log into multiplayer, and play until something else makes it crash again and I need to rinse/repeat. I do notice that when I play with the winter mod disabled, it seems to happen a little less frequently.
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