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  1. Have a nice day friend 


    Hi all!

    Long time no sea 

    I need your help, I want to make my VTC bigger, but I need a team that can participate and operate. 

    Right now there 5 players in the VTC, but we have still many unemployed important roles that do the important work of the VTC.

    If you also have the intention of creating a VTC, please contact me


  3. Hello Truckers

    The Godfather is under delvelopment. The race austria event is done. If you want to get updated to new races join the discord.



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  5. We are ready for event!


  6. Making a new VTC. Would you like to join? Staff and Employees is open.



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  11. Hope everyone take a look on the one way suggestion. If you like it give it a up-vote



    1. Shadel


      Good Project ?

  12. Calais is one of TruckersMP's busiest city. Many people know the city as the TruckerMP meeting place for players or the place for your first kick or ban. When I published my previous suggestion I got a comment I thought was clever. Therefore, I would like to make a suggestion out of the comment. The comment has been sent out by our faithful Community Manager JamesS014 THE COMMENT "I am going to move this ahead to the next stage as if this was to be properly discussed, something similar to this might work such as a one way system etc. Perhaps even a better "exit" into Calais would help traffic too" ________________________________________________ The comment caught my interest, so I want to introduce you for ONE WAY SYSTEM OF CALAIS SUGGESTION DESCRIPTION: The busy city of Calais has two potential exits to the motorway. One at the the mechanic and one at the port. The biggest problem today is that only one of the two exits are used. This means that its a lot of traffic jams at the garage and mechanic area. This is because everyone is going out the same exit The traffic light at the green line causes the queue to stop. This causes problems for people who are going out from garages and mechanics. If the players had been obliged to turn right instead of left, the flow of traffic would have been much better. If we make James's proposal a reality, there would be much less traffic jams, I think. Below you can see a picture of the plan. In order to understand the proposal, you need to know what the lines mean Red line - Prohibited to use the road Green - Rush road (Allowed use the road) Blue Line - Allowed use the road If this proposal is approved, players must use the information they get from signs. The sign says that it is mandatory to turn right or left. When you get out of the mechanic is compulsory to turn to the right ( This means that it is forbidden to turn left) The green line is the road that leads to the entrance/exit of Callais. Everyone who wants to get in/out of the city must therefore drive on this road. If you are coming from the harbor to go to the mechanic are you are obliged to turn left after the roundabout. The advantage of this is that you do not obstruct/disrupt traffic that is on its way out of town on Rush road. When you have turned left you can continue all the way to the mechanic. When you are right next to the mechanic you have to be aware that many players are on their way through the city. You are also obliged to turn right at this intersection. When you have finished at the mechanic you are obliged to turn right after this you can follow Rush road all the way out of town. From now on, it will be mandatory to drive out of the city at the port. You can arrive in the city at the first exit down to the mechanic or continue to the roundabout by the harbor and take a left. Why are large parts of the city closed? When there is a queue in the outermost field at the mechanic, this creates problems for people going in and out. When traffic in the outermost field is eliminated, it becomes easier to create better accessibility and communication through the city What do I need to be aware of if this proposal is approved? Should this work optimally. As a player, do you need to know the meaning of signs: Turning right compulsory Left turn mandatory Good interaction between players is also important. WHY SHOULD IT BE ADDED? The system has a purpose to create a good flow in Calais. There will be less traffic jam in the city. ________________________________________________ Created by Kzumastormz
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