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  1. He probably got banned on tmp and is looking to cause trouble in SCS servers if they release them
  2. Please do not talk this way on my topic. if you continue to be like this I will submit a report.
  3. Well, by the looks of it, it seems like the average player count on TMP has gone down quite a bit with the release of the 1.41 update. people may just be moving into private convoys just for a better experience. Looks Like TMP has some competition and needs to up the game in order to keep the playercounts high! I would like to see the opportunity to use steam workshop items and custom mods in the scs MP. but as far as TMP goes. I think that will be harder to implement
  4. I drive normally, as realistic as I can. And as far as speed limit goes, I only go 5 over max.
  5. I want to drive everywhere but I want to drive in my home state Iowa
  6. I thought about this ever since the release of the open beta. Though I just didn't quite know the thoughts of others. In my opinion. TruckersMP might be used less if you are just wanting to drive with your friends or VTC members. This could cut down on the usage of Sim 2-3 servers. TruckersMP will become more of an option for people wanting to play with a larger quantity of people such as convoys. It can also be used as a mostly great driving experience. The other part being the people that hop on and only cause trouble. Anyways, How do you think that this new update is going to effect TruckersMP. Do you think TruckersMP will become less popular? Or do you think this may even help TruckersMP and the players themselves. Share your thoughts! -Driver_Pneuma
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