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  1. If the user(s) haven't got the mod activated then they're not ghosting or breaking any rules, even if they are driving in the dark for those with it activated. Without forcing the mod to be activated for all users (ruining the experience for those that don't want it), I can't see a rule being added/changed.


    The administration team used to post announcements in-game regarding having your lights on due to the wintermod, whether or not this still happens I don't know as I don't play much. <-- Admins, feel free to chime in here regarding this :lol:

  2. As amazing as that pack is, we do not allow third party modifications. Also, correct me if I'm wrong, but if we were to add the pack, it would put extra strain on the client due to the amount of items it'll have to load per truck.

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  3. I would rather have a small administration team handling them slower, but more effectively, than random users handling them faster, but less effectively. Our administration team handle all reports seriously and fairly because it's their duty, random users will do as many as they can just for bragging rights. You also face the situation of;


    What happens if user-x has to deal with a report against user-v, who happens to be their friend? Or against user-f who they hate?


    Will they handle it fairly, or will they let their personal feelings get in the way and obscure the result?

  4. ^It goes against a rule anyway, I highly doubt music will be allowed through CB for the entire duration of an event :P


    If you need music, you can have users tune into TruckersFM. If you're using Teamspeak or any other VOIP software I'm sure you could set up a music bot with ease :)

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