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    Great, this is really a force, this is a please person to lead by example. This is absolutely unacceptable. Congratulations to that man. I did not know that nonsensical bans and free bans were being handed out here. He does not react, ignores and cannot be appealed. All right, go ahead, sir .... ?

    If it was right, I wouldn't even beep, but wrong, it's like upside down.

    1. James




      It's not permitted to speak about your punishment here on the forum.

      If you wish to appeal the ban, then feel free to do so via the appeal system. Once the appeal status has a status of "declined/modified/accepted", if you still disagree with the outcome, you can create a feedback ticket to Game Moderation Management.


      Therefore, I have locked your status due to this reason.


      Kind regards,


      TruckersMP Community Manager

  2. Good night Truckers! Tomorow bye.

    1. RIMERT


      You too. 

  3. no coment


    1. //Ainariel


      I'm happy I did this intro.


    2. izzyldur


      BEST intro

    3. RIMERT
  4. Wellcome to the forum

  5. Good night everyone and beautiful dreams my dear teammates ... Hello again in a few hours.?


  6. I'm looking forward to the bus



    Hello Friend. ?

  8. wellcome to the forum!

  9. A few photos for a better mood! ?

  10. ?Skvělé místo k jídlu a relaxaci. ?

    1. .Pedro.


      Nice photo!

    2. //Ainariel


      Thank you very much.

  11. Wellcome to the forum.

  12. Wellcome to the forum.

  13. Good night truckers.

  14. Wellcome to the forum 

  15. Wellcome to the forum 

  16. Wellcome to the forum 

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