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  1. has the road works gone now from bergen as i can not see them 

  2. https://www.twitch.tv/flagshipevents


    Dont forget guys about the haulage 64 | for a charity called make a wish.


    come say hello.

  3. i like this idea as it would really stop spamming in chat be good to have it on the cb though haha but this is a really good idea
  4. Thank you Jacob for the help and everyone els. we all will look forward of seeing this guild thank you again
  5. The cars are good apart from the break and handling but i turn the breaking up so thats all good but they should bring in for the pilot cars were you can change the colour or other skins not unless there already is?
  6. thank you for letting me know cant wait for the update
  7. That is acceptable rules for the convoys etc cant wait are we aloud to use any colour for the cars or not
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