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  1. New truck! Taking a quick rest before doing some deliveries.



  2. !amps

    Hated Trucks

    I lile every truck but I dont like the Renault Magnum if it's stock. After you do some modifications it can look quite nice.
  3. @[ETS2MCG] dogearmy (TR) If you are in the NCZ you can't get banned for ramming, reckless etc... as it is impossible
  4. I think this is a good change but I have a small suggestion. I think it would be better if you would be in ghost mode for a few seconds after exiting the NCZ, people might be driving quite fast because of the NCZ but as soon as they exit they might crash into someone. This would solve the problem of you crashing into someone when exiting the NCZ but people might abuse the ghost mode so Im not quite sure if this would be a good change.
  5. Congrats 🥳

  6. Hi, today I will be showing you how to use the free cam as this a commonly asked question. Step 1. Go to Documents>Euro Truck SImulator 2 and open config.cfg Step 2. Open config.cgf with notepad and click on the edit tab Step 3. Click on find and type g_developer Step 4. Replace g_developer "0" with g_developer "1" Step 5. Click on the edit tab then click on find and type g_console Step 6. Replace g_console "0" with g_consoler "1" Step 7. Save and close You now will be able to use the free cam and you will also be able to teleport to any place you like. To teleport you need to use the free cam which you can open by pressing [0], go over the place you would like to teleport to and press [F9] (I suggest you go close to the ground or your truck will take damage) How to move with the free cam: Press [0] (number zero) to go into the free cam 8 = Forward 2 = Backwards 4 = Left 5 = Right To look around use your mouse. To change the speed of the free cam use the scroll wheel. Remeber that teleporting is disabled in TruckersMP and will only work in Single Player. Because you have also enabled the console you can type in several different commands that can come in handy. To open the console press [`] You can find this key next to the number 1. Console Commands: g_set_weather [number] g_set_time [time] example: 12 g_set_skybox [number] For the [number] you can try out different numbers such as 1 2 and 3 to get different results. Hopefully this guide helped you and if you have any questions dont be afraid to ask them below
  7. What style of trucks do you like? I personally like clean trucks and oldskool style trucks.
  8. My favourite has to be Italy and the Alps. I love the twisty and tight roads and the fantastic scenery.
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