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  1. I have followed your instructions and removed the config.cfg file from my ets2 and ats2 folder in my my documents folder. It's still not responding. My pc is running win10. I'll try to play for 2 hours, thanks
  2. Hi, I have a problem when starting the ATSmp and ETS2mp. The singleplayer versions work fine but when I try to start the multiplayer I keep seeing my desktop. In the taskbar there will be an icon of the games but when selecting it, it says it's not responding. I also tried reinstalling the multiplayer, without any change. Thanks in advance, DutchAlike
  3. Hi, Like the topic says I have a question about the speed limiter on my truck. Since a few weeks I am not able to go faster then 90km/h. I first thought this was the server's speed limit but also on the 2nd europe server my truck just can't go faster then 90km/h. Now when I look at my settings the box that gives me the option to enable or disable my speed limiter has been removed. Does anyone knows how to fix this? Thanks in advance, DutchAlike
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