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  1. DutchAlike

    ATSmp & ETS2mp not responding

    I have followed your instructions and removed the config.cfg file from my ets2 and ats2 folder in my my documents folder. It's still not responding. My pc is running win10. I'll try to play for 2 hours, thanks
  2. DutchAlike

    ATSmp & ETS2mp not responding

    Hi, I have a problem when starting the ATSmp and ETS2mp. The singleplayer versions work fine but when I try to start the multiplayer I keep seeing my desktop. In the taskbar there will be an icon of the games but when selecting it, it says it's not responding. I also tried reinstalling the multiplayer, without any change. Thanks in advance, DutchAlike
  3. DutchAlike

    Forced speed limit

    Hi, Like the topic says I have a question about the speed limiter on my truck. Since a few weeks I am not able to go faster then 90km/h. I first thought this was the server's speed limit but also on the 2nd europe server my truck just can't go faster then 90km/h. Now when I look at my settings the box that gives me the option to enable or disable my speed limiter has been removed. Does anyone knows how to fix this? Thanks in advance, DutchAlike
  4. DutchAlike

    Ban Appeal - Vaiarek

    Besides one note, I was with two other people who reacted the same way as I did. They didn't get a ban or anything at all.
  5. DutchAlike

    Ban Appeal - Vaiarek

    In-game name: DutchAlike (NL) Why should I be unbanned: You gave me a perm ban, this because of blocking and ramming Meka™. Just because of this I agree it's fair to ban me BUT... This is not the whole story. I pulled up towards a traffic light that just turned green, to keep moving I moved to the left lane and tried to pass him by. Then this guy instantly also comes to the left lane which caused me to get stuck between him and the guardrail. Right after this he said exactly this: ''haha, noob''. After this I chased after him to pay him back for what he had done. This he recorded and send it to you which caused you to give me the ban. I don't agree with this at all and I bet you didn't ban Meka. TRUCKDRIVER, I involved you in this matter because Vaiarek is judging totally unfair. Right now Vaiarek gave me a perm ban, just based on the video I agree but he has no knowledge of what happend before. This is the thing all drivers like Meka do. They challenge you by hitting you and after that when you want to pay them back they turn on there recording software and record only the revenge part. This is the whole story, not the half part Meka gave to Vaiarek.
  6. DutchAlike

    Ban Appeal - El Barto

    1. Your In-game name when banned: B & B Transport NL (Niels) 2. Why you should be unbanned?: I was driving from Stavanger to Bergen with 2 friends when we became stuck behind a convoy of Russians driving at around 70km/h. We started overtaking the Russian convoy one by one but because of lag one of the Russians hit me from behind. After this I continued to overtake the Russians drivers. This went well until one of my friends in front of me suddenly stood still (same as what happened to me) wich gave me no other choice to dodge him, to the oncomming trafficlane. This, at the same time as someone was oncomming wich caused a head-to-head collision. I know it wasn't a smart move to overtake them there. We were behind them for quite some time, so we were also a little bit frustrated. I hope you will understand this. Thanks for your response 3. Screenshot/Video (if applicable) I don't have one