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  1. hello @General18 I did what said but my game is still having the error I can't even get into the launcher to update the mod it just takes a few seconds once clicked with admin and gives the error I'm just stuck with the same connection error screen I maybe 14 years old but I know what kind of errors can happen on windows 10 since 2015 I hated it back then and I still hate it now I just wish I could downgrade to windows 8 or 8.1 but even if I do knowing microsoft too well they will end the service in 3 years time I apologize about me getting off track here
  2. hello @General18 I have done this and its not fixing the problem both solutions don't work my pc is showing no errors and i restarted it after the scan I even deleated the cache in the webcache folder thank for the help though
  3. i think its something to do with the windows 10 update cos not only has truckersMP stopped working but also office has stopped working propley for me as well i hope microsoft fix this problem cos i'm sick of haveing problems each time theres a new update
  4. i've tryed a few of these but they don't work i don't know if its my pc being updated a few days ago i downgraded the game to v 1.38 like the downgrade guide said and it worked last week until this week
  5. thanks for the help but this dose not help with this error
  6. Welcome in the Forum! :D

    1. shadowspike74


      thank you i was just asking about a problem

  7. yestaday i got this error on my pc the game worked fine last week but now its just stuck with this nothing worked so far even downgradeing and reinstaling the mod and game please help
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