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  1. G29 IS the best budget steering wheel but if you want more realism and spend more money get one of thrustmaster wheels
  2. Edas

    New accessories

    Looks nice, going to upgrade my truck now
  3. It would be nice only for Single Player to walk around and interact with your truck outside and do other cool things
  4. im used to driving alone with promods idk why
  5. Edas

    Your Trailer

    Krone and Schmitz best ones
  6. how to turn off snow in tmp ?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. HingTheHing


      Hi! To disable snow simply do the following:

      Open the Tab Menu > Right Click > Settings > Game > Untick "Enable Season Effects".


      Hope this helped :D

    3. Edas


      Thank you!!

    4. Jesterhead SWE

      Jesterhead SWE

      I have uninstalled the winter mod and all the other related mods to it, but I still can't turn off the snow! I know how it's usually done, but I have no "seasonal effects" box.


      There's no mod menu either under the cog wheel in the tab menu. What can I do?

  7. lovely white scania
  8. I try to change trucks every 10k-20k kilometers every time I change truck and drive it I get satisfied for no reason
  9. Both Volvo trucks they are awesome
  10. I think I would add traffic because in MP sometimes I feel alone when driving, of course there are places when you just cant move forward because how many players are in one city/road
  11. sorry for not mentioning, but yeah in single player
  12. It's sad to see Russian soldiers telling whole truth about the war with Ukraine 😞 

  13. I want to know what mods are you using from trucking in singleplayer maybe you can share them and tell about them a little bit that would be nice
  14. I like DAF it's interior, it's a good truck no lie, but the inside electric mirrors from that point I don't DAF no more...
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