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  1. Hi guys! It's all sorted! So apparently I had my wireless mouse on normal (left click) and "other mouse devices" (Touch-pad) on left handed. Don't know how this happened but I'm glad it's sorted!! Thank you for the reply's both!
  2. Anyone know why on my ATS i have to right click instead of left click?

  3. I have recently purchased American Truck Simulator. I started up my career, everything was running smoothly, quit the game to go to bed, woke up the next day and switched it on to find that the only way to press enter (usually left click on mouse) is to right click... Now I checked my laptop to see if it was changed in the settings, but its working like a normal laptop with clicking, so it appears to only be on American Truck Simulator. Has anyone else had this problem or should I get used to being left handed?
  4. Got banned, now admin wont message me about my ban.. anyone know of any help for it?

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    2. Clashin_Jon


      Welcome to my world where Admins don't know what "Sorry" means

    3. Daniel__


      you perm ban aswell?? ^^^

    4. ripcurlscotty


      Keyboard warriors and power mad comes to mind...

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