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  1. Hello there! Currently it is not possible to Download mods and use them in TruckersMP as it will not allow you to enable them in the Mod Manager. However, we allow LocalMods, so If you can somehow manage to localmod it into your save then I don't think it will be a problem as long as it follows rule §3. As already mentioned the screenshot you provided is not a mod, but a montage that the video uploader used to make the video more interesting and high quality. 


    Hope that helps!

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  2. Hello there!


    Since you have found your best answer, I will go ahead and move this topic to solved topics.


    If you have anymore issues in the future, feel free to contact us again.


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    TruckersMP Support


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  3. Hello there!


    Your topic has not received any response for the past 3 days so now I'll move it to the inactive category. Feel free to contact me via private message if you'd like it restored!


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  4. Personally, I don't think that an /unflip command is really needed, simply because when you flip you can just teleport to a service and that creates a bit of more realism. Also the only one I believe this can happen is if the unflip commands teleports your truck to the same location so it can actually unflip it, which may cause a collision with another vehicle nearby, which will make the situation worse. I do understand that some people really have issues with spawning in highly populated areas, but I don't think that such command will be possible to be made. 

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