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  1. I dont think this is needed for now, because the trailer damage do nothing, and its development work for nothing
  2. Its a really good idea, because in the bigger cities, the game is loading a little bit longer and will be nice if you know how many second of ghost mod you have +1
  3. Its a really good idea, because if someone is not moving you at least will know why, +1 from me
  4. Amazing update, thank you very much tmp
  5. I think that the ghost mode time need to be extended, because when you spawn in the middle of Calais-Duisburg its loading a little bit more and the ghost mode ends while the game is still loading.
  6. Good Night guys, see ya tomorrow

  7. I was watching horror movies with my girlfriend and we were eating pop corns
  8. Happy Birthday mate! 🎂

  9. Happy Birthday mate! 🎂

  10. Happy Birthday mate 🎂

  11. Have a nice day, evening or night guys :)

  12. Thank you for the follow @Vexus.

  13. thank you for the follow @Samuel. @Busman11 @Tom_G @TheYeeter @Kiv. @J a n e k

    1. J a n e k

      J a n e k

      You're welcome! ❤️ Thanks too! 

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      No problem, thank you too!

    3. Samuel.


      No problemo! Thanks to you as well mate :D

  14. Congrats Dylan, i know you will one of the best admeens here. In upper staff soon :)

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