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  1. McGarrett

    ATS MP

    Viele die ich kenne sind nun stink reich, und ich hab Gott sei Dank meinen alten Kontostande :-) Somit bleibt der Anreiz zum spielen gegeben.
  2. Ja doch haben die doch auf TruckersMP geschrieben^^ Aber gerne, freut mich dir helfen zu können
  3. Du hast es dir vor einer Stunde gekauft. Du musst aber 2h im SinglePlayer fahren :-) Versuch das mal Und das Bild bzieht sich auf World of Trucks und hat mit dem Multiplayer nichts zu tun. Im ersten Bild was du gepostet hast, muss du 2 Stunden im SinglePlayer spielen, dann in einem Profil auf TruckersMP unter Settings überprüfen lassen, dann sollte es klappen
  4. i agree, its really annoying if u drive on the highway, suddenly your truck brakes down to 60 km/h. when u reached the 60 your truck is in acceleration again...
  5. Musst halt daran denken, es gibt einige Vorraussetzungen.
  6. if you would write in english, users could help you much faster.. ^^
  7. i dont care about the limiter itself. i care about the stupid people who will race that game down!
  8. Now loading the latest version of TSM map. as i said a few posts before. iam out. Maybe we will see us again, if the limiter will come back. stupidest update ever.
  9. You wont understand what we MEAN. Surely u can enable SL in your config, the problem are the rammers which are driving more than 150 through a curve, creates an accident, maybe making damage to other players. -.-
  10. In the EU removing speedlimiter is a big problem for you, your company and your truck. punishments are verhy high, and the police will shut down your truck. you have to pay arround 2500€ and your company arround 5000€ :-) and your truck will stay on the same point as you got controlled by the police :-)
  11. Sir, i think i will talk now for the most of all here. Euro Truck Simulator means SIMULATOR.. Simulisation of Trucks and driving. Limiter to deactivate is forbidden in the real world. It should be forbidden here too. Maybe you can drive with 120 km/h, the most of all cant do that! In real life im driving a Volvo FH with 460 Horse Power! Thats enoug for 90. Trucks dont need to be faster than 90 km/h! Many players doing ROLEPLAY on this server, take a look for the virtual companys. So, u cant play this game anymore. No more fun, more crashes, you need to reload autosave at least 10 times each tour.
  12. i think they wont close the servers directly by theirself, in my opinion, they will let the server die.
  13. It isnt the first of april. its still 31. March.. So, how your feeling now?
  14. The admins are overwhelmed all the time with all reports about trolls, and rammer. Now the stupid old ramming times will come back.. So it makes more sense to play single player.
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