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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday i wish you a very nice day! Enjoy the day with your family and friends ❤️

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    All best for you 🎉


    RedWolf [CZ] 

  4. Happy Birthday!

  5. Not sure who exactly to thank but TMP really got the updates done quickly...I expected a bit of a wait and was surprised when it was up and working already after the addition of a new truck! So to those behind the scenes cranking out the techy stuff..Thanks!! Edit: took me a little while to find the CB LOL Diesel JC
  6. Well being a Detroit trained Tech for years and years I gotta say the Wester Star now....until or if the Cascadia comes out...although I love the look of the WS..it just looks tough and brutish and ready for anything. Diesel JC
  7. Thanks for the help..I did as stated above and so far everything seems good. If I run into anymore problems I will post back but this can be closed for now I think. Thanks again for the help. JC
  8. Ok I think this is the actual crash log as found in user/documents Hopefully something jumps out at you guys otherwise I don't know..been playing today in SP and played last night again after the crash MP with no issues.
  9. Heres the "last_crash_log" attached..I didnt see anything that really jumped out at me..its never happened to me in SP or MP before so I'm really curious what happened and if I can rememdy it from possibly happening again. Thanks! last_crash.log
  10. Where would I find the Crash/Fatal Error reports..I was online and everything froze and got a fatal error. I wasn't kicked and didnt get any kind of warning message. I had been playing for quite awhile just finished a 1400 mile trip earlier so I wanted to know if it was Truckers MP or the game itself or maybe my ISP dropped out. Any help would be great. Thanks. Diesel JC
  11. Got it fixed! Apparently even though I am always logged in as an admin on my PCVaI have to manually run that AntiMicro program as an Admin and then it works..just popped into the server to test it and it works. Thanks very much guys for all of the help I appreciate it..see you on the road!
  12. Neither of those work...this shouldn't be this complicated. Antimicro shows button one as emulating the "x" key but in MP it doesn't work.
  13. Thats what I am trying to do but it doesn't work. It shopws up as button "x" but it doesn't work in MP I tried JopyTo Key and that didnt work..its a generic USB board I bought off of amazon JoyToKey shows it as a Generic USB Joystick so it lists it as having actual joystick controllers and not buttons. I'll try SV Mapper
  14. I have "AntiMicro" but it doesn't seem to work..no I built this button box and it has an actual CB Mic I rewired the switch to the USB board and then it plugs into the Mic jack on my PC.,.it works great for Discord but I wanted to use it for MP. I'll try JoyToKey and see if that works for me..thanks for the reply! Diesel JC
  15. I have a discord channel if anyone is interested shoot me a PM. Just casual fun prefer 18+ 

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