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  1. Well, I tell you that I managed to solve the game and it was not a problem with the launcher to TruckersMP Online, it was a Windows 10 problem as I suspected, I had to install a cumulative update (KB4565503) of the latest Build 2004 of Windows 10 and absolutely everything was solved. Thank you very much everyone for your suggestions and help. @Stubborn__ Everything is already arranged, thank you very much.
  2. @P.O.W.E.R. Do you think it could become the System? I do not have a bad system, even though I am beginning to suspect Windows 10, in any case it is strange, in the individual mode it does not crash, it is only online. I can only think of Windows 10 or graphics driver, it is quite strange since before 1.37 it was excellent.
  3. @[GökBörü] Berk' Thank you very much, I tried the two methods that you recommended and unfortunately none of them had any effect, I really appreciate your help anyway.
  4. Hello everyone, lately the online TruckersMP crashes after a while, and my query goes if it is just me, or does the same thing happen to many people? Before update 1.37 everything was working wonderfully, and with this latest version the problems started, my idea would be that it is a TruckersMP problem, because I never had any problems related to the game itself. Usually crashes between 25 minutes later and up to 45 minutes later. It simply closes and leaves no error file or window as usual. It's me? Or is it the online that has flaws ?. In advance thanks for the help.
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