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  1. Dunno what personal issues you have with my Person, but it would be very mature, if we could talk about it, before you keep kicking me from the server everytime you see me.


    Thanks and I hope to hear from you soon.


    Happy Birthday btw, health and luck for your future, the 18th is special ;)

    1. Callum.


      Thank you for the birthday wishes! 

      Anything game related such as kicks, the reason that popped up on your screen would have explained why, feel free to DM me if you want further clarification on why you got kicked, rest assured, it's never a specific personal issue?

    2. Unleashed3k


      We can talk about it on discord after you enjoyed your Birthday, i think that is more important today. ?

      But I guess in this case it is better to talk, because text doesnt transport everything correctly, imo.


      Just DM me, when you are online and got time this Weekend, then we can settle this once and for all ;)


      Enjoy they day and party hard ^^

  2. It's nice that we aren't allowed to report game Moderators that waste hours of our rl time, on the other side, people can overtake on left lane in traffic jams, where we are told to stay on the right lane, and dont get any penalty. Thats sad. Away from that, event is fun.
  3. Great Job, give a big THANK YOU to everyone that is involved! Changing core Features is something big and you achieved that with very low Manpower! Thank you and everyone that is part of this Project!
  4. Okay, running out of Arguments and trying to derail…. I guess you drive "Skoda only", if you defend it so much.... I will ignore further comments and provocations from your side. Could have been a mature discussion, but it seems that is not what you are looking for.
  5. Do you have the Skoda car with Police signals on it? Because they aren't allowed in MP as well, even if you only have the Police-flashlight on the frontgrill of your car.
  6. Sorry, but that is nonsense, they don't add "realism" to truckmp, only chaos and crashs. This is not IRL, else all the car drivers would be dead and we would only see them ONE TIME crashing into a fully loaded truck. Skoda is only for trolls that want to ruin other players experience. And don't tell me it's fun to drive, limited to 110km/h with awful sounds and it's only a poor Skoda.... If you want "real traffic", play SP, the Skoda doesnt make MP "more realistic", MP would be much more realistic, if a car wouldnt be able to flip trucks on the slightest touch. Yesterday a troll crashed into my 0 dmg Truck, i had 87% dmg and couldn't drive anymore, the Skoda drove away…. If that is what you call realism….
  7. You are right, all those savegame cheaters would just laugh about increased prices. I really hope they ban the Skoda from Sim Server or remove collisions for the car. It causes much more trouble then anything else when playing.
  8. Tbh, you should get rid of that Skoda anyway, we play TruckSim, even if 1% use the Skoda for their convoys, the main part are kids that just want to crash into others. If you won't remove it, please consider turning off collisions for this special sh**, cause 95% of the time I get rammed by kids in their Skodas.... Or Change repaircost for the Skoda x1000... It's really no fun to get constant damage on the EU SIM Servers, only from braindead trolls in their cars. It's still EUROTRUCK SIMULATOR, GTA has cars and is perfect for the trolls that want a Skoda and only drive that on sim servers...
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