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Status Updates posted by Declan.

  1. Everyone have a good weekend and enjoy trucking hopefully see you all at TMP8

    1. Med_MA


      Thanks! same to you too!

  2. Have a great weekend all hope to see you at TMP'S event tomorrow! ? 

  3. Hopefully everyone's week is going good have a great rest of your week! ? 

    1. [MCG] RedWolf [CZ] ~

      [MCG] RedWolf [CZ] ~

      Thank you for asking mate,I am doing and having nice rest ? what about you? 

  4. Have a good weekend All! ?

  5. hopefully everyone had a good week and remember its only 76 days to Christmas!  ?

    1. [MCG] RedWolf [CZ] ~

      [MCG] RedWolf [CZ] ~

      Heeeyy dear Declan, thank you for asking us, if we had a good week. Hope that same one you had too ?❤️ 




  6. have a good Wednesday all enjoy!  ?

  7. have a good Week all enjoy hopefully see some people at a few convoys!  ?

    1. ManuMarSch


      Thank you have a good start into the week too!

  8. have a good Sunday enjoy!  ?

  9. have a good weekend all ?

    1. MarkON


      Thanks, you too!

      Have fun ??

  10. have a good Tuesday all ? 

    1. øAlmeida


      Thanks and same to you ❤️ 

  11. hopefully everyone has a good week enjoy!!!  ?

    1. Aiden Zybell

      Aiden Zybell

      Thanks! I hope your week is great ❤️


  12. Hopefully everyone is having amazing Wednesday evening and safe trucking to all ?

  13. Safe Travels to all drivers on this fine Saturday evening ?  

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