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  1. Suggestion Name: Support native IPv6 Suggestion Description: Supporting native IPv6 without having the need for a NAT64 gateway or something else Any example images: Why should it be added?: More carriers are placing their bets on IPv6 native and IPv4 through CGN (Carrier Grade NAT). Some ISPs got problems with their CGNs, resulting in them being overloaded. This may cause inconviniences for players. Moreover IPv6 is a living standard.
  2. Suggestion Name: Possibility to show TruckersMP ID behind name Suggestion Description: Adding the option of displaying the full length TruckersMP Idea behind the name. E.g.: Testname (123) [2934372] Any example images: Why should it be added?: It would help players to create reports more easy and with less hassle. Moreover, game moderators viewing the reports would find it easier to find the player they’re looking for, since the ID would be right in the evidence.
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