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  1. Thank you it worked after editing the g_save_format indeed. This has fixed my issue. Thank you so much!
  2. Oh okey well thank you so much. I got this part figured out. However, I followed all the steps in the following guide and when I open up the file using the decyrpter, it shows the following: Is there anyway I can fix this? the guide is really not clear on some parts.
  3. So I was trying to follow the guide (LINK) to edit my savegame to be able to use double trailers anywhere online however I couldn't find any file in my "Profiles" folder. The folder is completely empty and not entirely sure why. Is there any other guide or any other way around this? I really want to be able to haul double trailers anywhere and not be limited to certain cities. Thank you
  4. How do I get this trailer? Everytime I go to purchase a trailer and choose the ETS Multiplayer category my game crashes. I have 0 mods installed.
  5. Oh, I thought there was a way to bypass it. Well in that case, I appreciate fast response. Thank you this has answered my question!
  6. I was wondering how can I find jobs for my double trailers outside of the Scandinavian dlc? I bought the DLC but I only seem to get jobs around that area. I want to be able to get jobs anywhere with it. IE London, France, etc.
  7. I see people around with trailer that has a yacht, cars, forklifts and I flipped through the standard ones that come with the game and none of them have those options. Can anyone please help me and tell me how can I also get those trailers? Thanks
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